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We Have Your Back

Our rims are backed by a lifetime warranty. If it’s our fault, we’ll fix them. We also offer a low cost “accident replacement” program, just in case you drive your bike into the garage…

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Why Wide?

We’re big advocates for wide rims. In fact, we helped pioneer the wide rim revolution back in 2014. Those rims helped inspire the new crop of 2.4”-2.6” tires that are popular today. Wide rims work because they allow the tire beads to sit further apart. That wider footprint provides better tire sidewall support, which means you can run lower air pressure. This improves your traction, braking control, and also reduces rolling resistance over rough terrain.

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It's All in the Ride

We've partnered with Stan's No Tubes to license their patented Bead Socket Technology (BST). This technology allows us to reduce the rim cross sec­tion height mak­ing our rims more com­pli­ant ver­ti­cal­ly. This not only improves ride qual­i­ty but helps dis­trib­ute impacts, giv­ing us EWS per­for­mance at trail weights.

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Blackbird Send

The Blackbird Send Aluminum rims are designed to eliminate pinch flats and keep the tire sealed no matter what you hit. We offer two versions. The Send 1 and 2 rim share a unique hollow box-section beadwall that creates a broad contact point with the tire, which is much stronger and doesn't slice tire sidewalls. The Burlier version, the Send 2, adds a pair of ribs directly beneath the bead seat to keep them round after even the hardest hits.

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No Proprietary Parts

We build our wheels with readily available parts, so you can source replacements wherever you go. By using standard J-bend spokes and external square nipples, we’ve also made our wheels easy to service.

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